1 – Respect everyone, from coach to new members, we always have something to learn no matter the level.

2 – Be on time: Better 10 minutes early than 10 minutes late! Every minute of delay means 10 burpees (5 min = 50 burpees). Access to the class for latecomers will be on the discretion of the coach.

3 – No shoes in the gym.

4 – Basic hygiene: Trim your nails, use deodorant, avoid strong perfumes, long hair should be tied up, use a towel and/or bring a change of clothes if you sweat a lot.

5 – Sickness: Do NOT train if you are sick so you do not spread disease.

6 – Equipment and accessories must be put back in their place after usage. Each forgotten object will be “punished” by a physical effort in compensation (burpees, pull-ups, squats, knees to the bags, etc.)

7 – No one is EVER forced to fight. You do not even have to do sparring if you prefer not to. Whilst sparring provides an opportunity to improve your competitive techniques, we understand that sparring is not for everyone! No one will think less of you if you would prefer not to spar. Just let us know beforehand.