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Genki Gym was founded by Christophe Pruvost as his way to pass down the fighting skills he developed over the course of his hall-of-fame career. No matter your experience level, the elite training staff at Genki Gym will help you maximize your potential.

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What our students say about Genki Gym

review1-compressor “I have been introduced to Genki Gym by a friend, and what I like about GGG is the state of mind it brings me at the end of each training session, thanks to an excellent team of motivating and respectful coaches.” – Stephano

post2 “The classes at GGG are very good and I quickly saw my own improvements. Christophe is a motivating teacher; he is involved with his students and the atmosphere is very pleasant! ” – Camille

post2 “I like the friendly atmosphere of the GGG and the diversity of courses offered.Very good way to improve quickly. ” – Maude

post2 “Je vais au GGG car c’est important pour moi d’avoir comme coach un ancien champion qui peut me faire bénéficier de son expérience dans le ring et en dehors également.” – Vincent

post2“GGG is a modern gym and has a really good vibe. Christophe is a teacher who puts emphasis on his proven methods. It s a rare oportunity to train along an experienced world champion. Every training is different and it varies in techniques, also Christophe deals with every student individually which helps a lot. Hyper cool and flexible.”  Cyrile

post2“J’aime GGG car j’y ai l’opportunité d’apprendre le muay thai avec un entraineur qui détient plusieurs titres mondiaux. De plus, j’aime l’ambiance familiale du gym, et les entrainements adaptés a mes aspirations en tant que combattant.”  Hassan

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Meet our trainers

Christophe Thai Boxing
Christope is a multiple Muay Thai world champion. You have the oportunity to improve your skills with the help of a world champion.
Abdul Renforcement musuculaire
Abdul will help you boost your explosiveness, your physical strength, your gain and especially your mobility. Get in shape!


Welcome to my new website!

Hello everyone, welcome to my new website ! After fighting professionally on the global stage for more than a decade, I decided to open [...]

Genki Gym’s rules

THE RULES OF THE GYM! 1 – Respect everyone, from coach to new members, we always have something to learn no matter the level. 2 [...]

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